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The Fundamentals Of Mens Styling for Bachata

Learn how to add a stylish yet masculine confidence to your partner dancing. In order to truly master mens stying in partnerwork, you first need to be able to dance and move with confidence on your own, and thats exactly what you'll learn in this course.

his unique Mens styling course that focuses on techniques and individual steps instead of choreography. We want you to know HOW to move your arms, body, and hands properly during your basic steps and turns as well as during your partner dancing. We also provide some realistic styling routines that will help you improve your styling within partnerwork. This course will help build your confidence when dancing with and without a partner.


🕺🏻 You will learn basic and foundational techniques of Bachata so that you can have a solid foundation of your steps and turns before learning complex moves... which means you will be able to start learning styling without developing bad habits.

👉 You’ll learn how to move your hips, hands, arms, feet and body so that you look like a stylish, smooth, natural dancer that everyone wants to dance with. 

⭐️ You will learn head, chest and arm movement exercises so that you can move with fluidity and confidence.

👠 You’ll learn over 10 moves individually so that you can master the techniques one by one without over complicating it, which allows you to learn easily without ever forgetting the moves.

✋ You’ll learn how to do all of your basic arm styling movements so you can perfect the motions and easily integrate them into your social dancing.

🔥 You’ll learn all of the body movements like body rolls, waves, lateral body rolls and more so that you can practice and perfect all of these essential body movements for the dance floor so you don't look stiff or awkward.

🎵 You’ll learn over 10 combinations that you can do over and over again to create muscle memory of the moves and really make styling feel natural and effortless.

  45+ Video Lessons

  (Over 10 Hours of Training)

  No Partner Needed!

  24/7 Access On All Devices

  One-Time Payment & Lifetime Access

  This is a 100% Online Course 

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